Music Video Advertising

Our knowledge and our state-of-the-art equipment assure you video clips of an exceptional quality.

A single video clip allows you a distribution in the cinema, on television, on the Internet and on quite different mobile platform.

A concept of turnkey production which offers you a follow-up by the same team, of the elaboration of the concept, to the delivery of the Master's degree.

Notorious has no limit except yours.



Video clip with the participation of Notorious Agency

Kataleya - Déjà Vu    

Tony Carreira - Não Te Vás Sem Mim


Mickael Carreira - A Noite Ao Contrário


 Perola Ft. Djodje - Mazuke


Yuri Da Cunha Ft. C4 Pedro - De Alma Na Paixão


Tony Carreira - Quando Me Lembro De Ti


César - Magia no Olhar


Anselmo Ralph - Moça Relaxa


César - Renascer (Starring Kelly Baron)


Ivan Hermez - Na Zdorovia


Solo Dos Ft.Julie - Sin Ti


Anselmo Ralph Aplausos Para Ti


Anselmo Ralph Ft. Lizandro Cuxi - Se Fosse Eu 


Solo Dos Ft. Loquita - Que Sabor Tienes Tu 


Solo Dos Ft. Shana P - Sin Ti Merengue Club MIx 


Anselmo Ralph Vou Te Salvar

  Kathleen Chaplin Ft. Billy Ronca  - Tu y Yo