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Beep, beep, beep – An alarm sounds. Lights flash. Everyone is on alert. Emergency protocol in effect. It’s a Code Red state of emergency. Soul music is in trouble and one of the greatest R&B singers of a generation is sounding the alarm. Whispered voices have been expressing their concern for some time. Industry insiders talk of a change in the musical direction at radio. Critics blame millenials. Millenials blame the music. Artists blame each other. And everyone blames the Internet. But that’s not the whole story. Soul music is alive and well and “people love it when introduced to it properly,” R&B/Pop icon Monica explains. However, concerned about the future of the genre she loves so much, Monica returns with her seventh studio album appropriately titled Code Red.

“As an artist and real genuine soul/R&B lover, I felt that it’s a state of emergency for the music. Its important for this generation to know and understand how important the music was and is to the world and we are best when we can bridge the sound between the old and the new,” Monica says. The Grammy Award winning singer knows this better than anyone.

Monica will inarguably be remembered in music as one of the most iconic soul singers of a generation. Her enviable resume detailing extraordinary musical contributions that started professionally at the tenderfoot age of 12 when her first major label deal was signed.

“This album is about my journey. As a person I’m complete. I’m a complete woman now. I’m complete as a mom. I see my children happy, enjoying their lives, living and learning. I’m complete as a wife. I understand who I am. I know my shortcomings and I accept those just as much as I accept my strengths. As an artist, I’m a lot more seasoned and comfortable in my own skin. I understand there are artists that will do different things than me. They make take different paths in promoting and creating but there’s only one Monica.

Indeed since her dominant debut in 1995, there’s always only been one Monica.

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