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Djane Lija  

DJane Lija was born in the 80s, and maybe you have time to get to the beat of the time in the cradle. DJane Lija mastered the piano for various sounds, like no other DJ. She makes a exceptional Mix as a DJ and Vocal Highlight, and creates the right mood with your music.

DJane Lija is a very good Mix of House, Dance, Electro, Deep House, Club Music, EDM, Black. With your rather particular interior décor charisma and good mood DJane Lija brings every Dancefloor tremble.

DJane Lija is already one of the most famous Club DJs in Germany and plays regularly shows in other international Cities such as Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, England, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia, etc ………. on.

Live and in full color, DJane Lija „rocks the house“.


In 2015, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.




Djane Lija   Djane Lija