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I've started my musical live way whan I was 16 years old from hip hop culure. It first time I be in love in two CD first Eminem and secomd russian rap singers Mnogotochie. Too much time I can read recitative with a mirror, dance breake dance, interest extrime kind of sports parkur and serfing for example, run on vertical wall with aerosol of colour and marked all what were a possible and all wall which were closed for it.

Nowatime I am 28 years old and have very big expirience of the night club job is near of 12 years. Nowatime DJ Sonya SUCCESS is a DJ International level and works in 5 musical styles G-house, Deep house, Trap, R'n'B, mash up, Club House in the most popular night clubs in Russia and in the World. Why 5 styles? - becouse I travel too much and have a very big geography location for my work and welcome guest in the different fashion places and clubs. But I have only my harizmatic style in this different kind of music. It is temp, hip hop samples and recitative.

"My purpose is not obligation public to hear music what I like more than different syle - My purpose is understanding what public want to hear and give to them unique product with my harizmatic and my special style" - it is the foundation of my performace.

If public in the pop club do not ready understand tediouse and boring classical deep house I will never play it for them, but I try to find compromise for me, my style, public wishes and club art manager wishes. Nowatime DJ SONYA SUCCESS is a resedent more than 4 night clubs in Kazan and often guest of popular and fashion places in Kazan city and in the world. 

Events and parties with a DJ Sonya_SCS differ of more different events that She make very energy, fun and light music atmosphere. "I talk with people on their language and I can give them what they want to hear and what they want to see" - It is base of events with DJ Sonya_SCS.  


In 2016, I signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.


Dj Sonya Success   Dj Sonya Success

Dj Sonya Success from Notorious Agency on Vimeo.