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Nicole MY

NICOLE M.Y. is one of the most popular, unique project, which was created on the basis of sound quality, as well as sexuality and charmingly feminine beauty !

DJ Nicole M.Y - it's a professional and musical lady, able to shake the crowd of the dance music. Its taste and serve always makes people dance, gives unforgettable emotions and ecstatic dance. In short, hitting on her show, you'll be quite pleased by his own fiery dances and the thrill of music !

Nicole M.Y. is not just a female DJ, she also wrote their own songs and now fashion mash-ups (Mash-up). In each of his dance song she puts soul !

Smile, music, drive, fiery rhythms and sexy movement is all about her! DJ Nicole MY able to light people !

And remember, it's not the music rocking the dance floor is Nicole MY shakes his music !!!!

Visited more than 20 countries, among which are: South Africa, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia, Cyprus, Lebanon, South Korea, Switzerland, India, France, Egypt, Russia, Libya, Bulgaria , Bali, Germany, Denmark.

Bright and do not imitate NICOLE MY lights for its unique sets hundreds of music clubbers around the world! Is a resident of Radio Estel-FM (Moscow), the resident fashionable places The iLounge (Egypt, Cairo) in 2011 appeared in the magazine "MAXIM" Ukr. publishing and announced as "Sexiest DJ Lady of Ukraine"

TOP 35 DJs in Ukraine according to ""

During the 2012-2013 year, she was recognized as one of the most on tour female DJs in Europe !    

In 2014, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.

I love: When people dance, love to express through music their emotions !!! I play for the people and not for themselves)

I hate: When behind his throw mud-tell in person !

Interested in: all that relates to creativity !!!!!

I know everything will be important to want)

I know how to: give positive emotions !!!