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Dj Natasha Phoenix 

One of the Best International Dj !

Natasha Phoenix is an enchanting and graceful Dj with an exquisite taste! She has been a holder of the title as the most performing Dj-girl in Ukraine, the CIS and Europe for a long time. She began working as a professional Dj in October 2011. She has proved herself to be a promising DJ. With her subtle sense for the public mood, Dj Natasha Phoenix knows how to keep an intrigue till the very end! Natasha Phoenix is the Brightest and most Inflammatory girl of Ukraine according to the German, French, Spanish and English glossy magazines.
The main peculiarity of her shows has always been a "hot" atmosphere on the dance floor, which takes the breath of the public away. Dj Natasha Phoenix works practically in all musical styles, perfectly combining the play at the DJ desk and a show! Each of her performances is the ability to easily demonstrate a superb playing technique, an amazing plastique and a beauty of the woman's body. Music for Dj Natasha Phoenix is a mix of electronic styles, which won't leave the public on the dance floor indifferent. They always want to hear and see her both at social events in the capital and on dance floors of Ukraine and abroad!

In 2015, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.



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