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Dj Litchi  

Litchi is the hottest international dj from Moscow Russia !

Dj Litchi   Dj Litchi   Dj Litchi

Mashing up edm, house, hiphop, using Samples, Acapellas, Scratch, Megamix in her sets with Microphone skills she makes unique mashUp show and unfogettable perfomance!

Rocking the dancefloors all over the world:

France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cyprus, Egypt, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Tunisia ect..


In 2016, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.

Dj Litchi  

Dj Litchi

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