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Kesha Ayres is a highly talented International female DJ and Producer originating from the UK.

Growing up in the South West of England into a family who would listen to music 24/7, from a very young age she naturally developed an intense passion for music and would mess around on DJ software making her own tunes and mixing. When she was 18 she found herself in Bali where she decided to take her love of music more seriously and learn to DJ professionally on the turn-tables. Since then she has never looked back and has been touring constantly all over Indonesia playing at the biggest venues and festivals that the country has to offer! Regularly touring further a field to places including the UK, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Middle East and Kuala Lumpur spreading her love for Dance Music around the world! Always keeping the crowd on the dance floor with her talent to select the right tracks Kesha is in high demand worldwide and lies true to that of the discerning female music mastermind! Sometimes even adding her own live vocals to her performances, showing the endless skills she has to offer! Currently starting to focus on her music productions of Electro and Future House you will be hearing a lot more of her in the future! Her debut track and collaboration with the talented Adieh Flowz "FIRE" was released on the UK's Panache Records and next-up her track "Insaneous" is just about to released on the same label along with another few projects she is working on. You can also listen to her continuous remixes and mixes on her Soundcloud page. Kesha has held part time residencies all over the world Including at the world famous Rock Bar in Bali (voted as one of the top 10 bars in the world by Forbes) and B.A.B Lounge at the Luxurious 5* ShangriLa Resort in Muscat, Oman playing an eclectic mix of Deep House, Nu Disco, Chill and Tech! Kesha also previously held residency's at 2 of Bali's most prestigious clubs- Velvet Hypnotized and Adora, pumping out her signature mixes of Electro and Future House. In 2016, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.

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