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Gabi Galhardoni has always been fascinated by electronic music, after so many years cultivating this passion, he decided to deepen once in the world of mixing, forming by the D-edge College.

With its charm and contagious charisma, she tries to bring his whole personality in the construction of the sets which is based on the Tech House and Techno resulting in a line of fine and serious sound, extremely danceable and engaging.

She inspires and research daily several national and international talent riding your tracklist an extremely selectively, aiming euphoria, vibration and a climax of emotions, taking all your personality, taste and professionalism where it touches.

In constant pursuit of development, already has taken the first steps in music production classes, building his career with all the strength, quality and enthusiasm.


In 2016, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.

Dj Gabi Galhardoni   Dj Gabi Galhardoni