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DJ Duo Husky - About the project:

It’s a new DJ project consisting of two charming girls. As it happens, they started to play music at the same time four years ago and worked together on several occasions. Girls’ performances are remembered for quality music, insane energy turning the dance floor wild, bright show, sheer drive and positive attitude. Nobody is left indifferent! They were able to charm the audiences in such countries as Turkey, Indonesia, Germany, Croatia, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Spain, Poland, Egypt, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Russia etc. Girls employ the following styles: House, Disco House, Vocal House, Electro House, Progressive House, Dutch House, Deep House, Trap etc. A bit of personal touch:

Irina (brunette): "A strong urge to always be together has finally driven us to creation of the united project, plus we enjoy total idyll when selecting and creating musical compositions. We literally sense each other’s mood during sets."Alina (blondie): "I adore musing, dancing, travelling and meeting new people and that’s why I love my job very much! It’s so cool to arrive in the new town, get charged with new emotions and impressions and then share all this with people on the dance floor! Even more so since there are two of us, which means twice more of emotions, positive drive and impressions!" Project participants only share high quality music with audience; they love each other and give their love away to others. If you want to dip in the world of positive feelings and thrill, then you should definitely visit the DJ Duo HUSKY performance! You’ll surely have something to remember:-P)))))!!! In 2015, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.

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