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AlesyA - One of the Best French DJ ! 

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Dj Alesya is the one of the best Ukrainian female DJ artists from Ukraine. she has a very individual sound and style mixing of intellectual music. Her funs and real levers adore her sets to dance as well as listening her performances and live-stream radio shows.

Dj Alesya play Soulfull House, Deep House, Tech House, Trance, EDM and other. Her career started 2 years ago and now she the most famous and in-demand artist in Ukraine. She has played at the partnered with the best establishments in Kiev, Ukraine. Including Bacardi Terassa (Decadance Summer Terasse), SMOKY after-party, S-bar, AVALON Dogma Club, b-hush InterContinental, Kiev, H-bar, Hilton, Bar on 8 Hayat Regency, DODO night club, MOCCO and other.She is resident of PlayTV and RadioIntence.

In 2017, she signed with Notorious Agency, an international booking agency based in Portugal.



Dj Alesya  

Dj Alesya

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